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R.I.P. to the brilliant Dick Anthony Williams. The (NSFW, repeat NSFW, repeat 18-and-older and NSFW!) clip above captures the music of his voice, the perfection of his ‘fro, and the way he made strange, seductive poetry out of the ugliest pimpology, which Jay-Z described in his book DECODED as one of the inspirations for his hit song “Big Pimpin’”:

This is my take on a classic piece of pimpology, Pretty Tony’s riff in the movie The Mack…These lines have been referred to a lot in hip-hop—they were sampled completely by Ghostface Killah—but I’m not using them to endorse actual pimping…Pretty Tony’s delivery is so slick, the slang so dead-on, the exaggeration so outrageous, and the sentiment so pure and distilled, that as ridiculous as the words are, it still comes off as real. It’s fucked up and mesmerizing. It’s also comedy. I was trying to get some of that feeling in my song.

"Dick Anthony Williams, Actor and Theater Producer, dies at 77," New York Times

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